Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Exciting announcement. We are building the BUD COX TRIP CENTER! See architect's sketches of the building below. This will be the place where everyone planning and departing for an overnight hike will stop to prep for the trip, consult maps, talk with the Trip Center Director and other Trip Center staff about the best trails to take, and, of course, will organize the gear and pack for the trip. It's where Adventure Trip campers will come after arriving at camp, to get oriented for their two-week Adventure Trip. It's where Adventure Village/Sequoia campers and staff will spend a lot of time, as they organize their 3- and 4-day backpacking, rockclimbing and canoe trips. It's where cabin groups leaving for day hikes will stop to check in, get maps, and get daypacks for snacks and water. It's where hikers of all kinds will be sent when they arrive at camp and want to learn about our trails.

This will be the building that will house all the services that are provided by what we used to call "Out-trip."

And we are naming this new much-needed facility in honor of the greatest and most experienced and most avid hiker and adventure tripper Frost Valley has ever known. Bud Cox. Henry A. Cox, Jr. He who began as a camper at Wawayanda in 1954. He who was the Village Chief of Lenape for a number of years. He who created and then served as the first Director of Adventure Camp. He who founded the Catskill Explorers program in 1968 and went on from there to leave an easy-to-follow trail, as it were, for his successors in making adventuring camping a continuing priority. We are naming the new Bud Cox Trip Center for Bud.

It will be located along the walking trail to Sequoia - not far from the Project Adventure walls. Please have a long look at the sketches. Click on each for a larger view.

Notice a screened-in porch that will serve as a classroom/planning room and orientation space. The building will be constructed of post-and-beam and will be have a main wide-open room for equipment and packing.