Sunday, August 28, 2016

Eva Gottscho's bench

Sven Grotrian returns to the Castle

Sven Grotrian was driving through Frost Valley yesterday and took this photo of the Castle. Last night he told me that the experience produced "heartwarming memories."

Monday, August 22, 2016

big (first) 1987 Labor Day weekend staff reunion

This collage was made from photos taken during the first big Labor Day FV staff reunion in 1987.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Cody, on a break from office work, surveys the scene

proud of the 10-year-olds

what parents see when they pick up their kids

FV's greenhouse

camp still life: frogcatching nets at Margetts Lodge

a happy perfect day


Cecilia, Oran Giannotti's daughter, John Giannotti's granddaughter and niece of Keara and Dani Giannotti, was here for session 4 in Windsong.

Castle is 100 years old this summer (completed 1916)

at canteen in the late 60s

by the Ketcham Chapel, I encountered the memorial to dear friends

Blum House with Banks Hill in the distance

"Kitchen Al" tries his hand at judging Challenge Night

Click on the photo for a larger image. Al Oldmixon, head chef at FV, was willing one night to be a judge at Challenge Night. Here is a triad of photos of Al encountering the infamous "smelliest shoe" challenge for the first time.

old cabin 13 (Outpost)

Old cabin in Outpost (I'm going to guess this is cabin 13 - now numbered 10).

yes, the W patches

These girls just received their "W" patches and are proud. Some things never ever change.

Kaskel family makes possible this new hiking kiosk near Trip Center

independence (a short video)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

the last day, summer 2016 out

For the final breakfast grace of 2016, Morgan called up anyone who is wearing a Hawaiian shirt to lead. Of course it turned out that most such folks were from Adventure Village, a Hawaiian-shirt-wearing crew if ever there was one.

Meantime, a few minutes earlier, the Hird VCs and directors gathered for their final flag-raising-time morning meeting....
While back in the dining hall, Misty from Windsong was proudly donning her new "vintage" staff shirt, which she won at Challenge Night last night. Most objective observers would agree that this augers well for the future of the staff. And now onward into that future.... (Leadership is young here and they perform amazing feats of adult patience and citizenship, far beyond their years. Come here and see it for yourself. It will give you heart and hope.

Outpost poise

This guy was so, so, so relaxed when I chatted with him yesterday. I just love the happy-calm expression on his face when I snapped this photo. He told me he was having the time of his life here this two weeks, a great break, he said, from the routines at home.

the Lenape crew

we miss you, Doug

a meeting of the Order of the Oar

DeQuan Foster has his birthday celebrated with a meeting of the Order of the Oar. DeQuan has been the Outpost VC all summer. What a guy! Everyone adores him, and rightly.

a counselor and her camper

In the (late?) 1990s, Wendy Warren (right) was Gail Ryan's counselor. Wendy is here volunteering for two weeks (thank you, Wendy!) and Gail, who directs the MAC program from the YAI offices in NYC and visits here for several days each week of the summer, bumped into her at the directors' table a few days ago. What a reunion!

such concentration

I love this photo because it captures an amazing convergence of total "hangout"-style relaxation and intense concentration. I love the way everyone is watching the result of the one girl's toss. They are so into it. And yet this is a motley crew of kids from various villages (presumably they don't really know each other) who just showed up under the Brown Pavilion during the free period before dinner.

Eva at Reflection Pond

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

a few minutes of quiet at Reflection Pond

Phoebe and Sammy, reunited

Click on the image for a larger view. Sammy misses his former Pokey-Totem VC and comes to the director table to get some TLC.

director table selfie reveals presence of former directors

today near the chapel

Monday, August 15, 2016

video tour of the new Bud Cox Trip Center

On the day Windsong was returning from their two-night/three-day hike, I stopped by the Bud Cox Trip Center to take a look around on one of the busiest days for the Trip Center.

video tour of the Frost Valley greenhouse

Sunday, August 14, 2016

photos from the summer board meeting/luncheon & Hall of Fame inductions

Paul Brown and Bill Clarke.

Patti Devlin (black top) and her three children, who visited FV for the first time in 20 years at least in order to help celebrate her parents as they were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

JIm Vaughan and Rick Kaskel.

Jerry says hello at the Friday night pre-celebration gathering for dinner at the Castle.

Patti Devlin and Bonnie Hess. Bonnie's parents Carl and Marie Hess worked very closely with Bill & Eva Devlin.

Ann Marie and Andy Kremer.
The McFarlands were all together to celebrate Kathy!

Jerry and Patti.

From left: Barbara Hale, Gail Piche, Peggy Hope, Perry Rub and Ellen Rutan.

Kathy King Steinwedel, Jim Brown, Dave King.

The 90s. Represent!

One Kremer and two Schiffers!

Carolyn Shelburne, Lorraine Devlin Morse, Peggy Rub and Al Filreis

Jim Ewen and Dave King.

Photo taken of trustees able to attend the summer meeting.

We celebrated Jim Vaughan's birthday on Friday night.

Four Kaskels: Erica, Phyllis, Rick, and Lauren.

A great moment: Jim Brown presents the Hall of Fame plaque to Lorraine Devlin Morise who receives it on behalf of her parents.