Sunday, May 7, 2017

trustees' spring meeting

This weekend the trustees met at Frost Valley. On Friday night we dined together at the Castle. Ted Hilton (92 11/12ths years old) was there, in great form. And Rafik Ghobrial—and his wife Kathy—joined us all the way from Houston.

the old Branch NY post office

The old Branch NY post office, later the Devlins' house & then the Whites' house, more recently a staff house called "the Group Home," is being completely renovated by Dale Price & others. I went through the house twice this weekend. Here are two photos—one of the kitchen & the other of the living room. When the Whites lived in this crazy-patch warren of rooms and odd staircases I spent plenty of time in these two rooms.

spring comes to the valley

Early May—cool, wet early spring in the Catskills. We see the first fiddleheads. And the trees above Lake Cole shoot out their first light-green leaves.

birdhouse-style lending libraries

Recently FV alumni visiting the valley for a weekend built several birdhouse-style lending libraries. This morning I walked to one of these and contributed what I suspect are the very first books.