Saturday, February 28, 2009

chapel in winter

The chapel under snow - as caught earlier this winter by Tom Cometa who was up at FV for his annual snowy weekend.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Girls' Camp kitchen crew

This photograph belonged to Marie Kremer, and at some point her son John Kremer got it and has now passed it along to me. Remarkable shot! This is the Girls' Camp kitchen staff. Bill Van Zandt is in the center, first row, and to the right of him (our right) is Dot Van Zandt.

To date this pic I'm going to have to do some educated guessing. First, where is it shot? They are gathered just to the west of the Girls' Dining Hall (now Geyer), right smack where Lakeview Lodge is currently located. Up at the top of what many know as Hirdstock Field. Behind them and to our right you can see Ricciardi Cabin, which was built in 1967 or 68. And the staff shirts, I think, are from '67. And notice the hill is grassless and stony, which would be still from the construction of the dining hall in '66. So my best guess is 1967.

The crew here are a few professional cooks but otherwise they are the LITs and possibly also the CITs. I hope folks from there era, seeing this, will identify some of the people.

- - -

Later, Myra Margolis Katz send us this: "The picture of the LIT's and CIT's was either 1968, or 1969, I think second session 1969. (I was a LIT first session 1969). The girl in front with the dark hair and blond streak is Suzanne Steinberg."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Biscuit Creek trail

Sun-dappled trees along the Biscuit Creek trail.


There are a number of Frost Valley-related Facebook pages, and of course Facebook users who read this blog can find them for themselves, merely by entering "Frost Valley" in the searchbox. But today I wish to point out the main FV Facebook site and hope that all Facebook-using fans of FV will become indeed a "fan." Here's your link.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last weekend some former EE and conference staff gathered--as they do every year--to volunteer. Left to right in the photo at left: Steve Metevier, Torey Sweet, Vicki Sweet, Glen Horton (orange hat), Kenis Sweet. Sharon Zimmerman was there but is not in that photo.

From left here are Dave Haight and Dee Ward and Sue Haight (Dave's wife). From right are Carmel Dorn and Bud Cox. Looks as if Bud's the only one eating the lunch!

met in '99, engaged in '09 - same spot

Last Saturday, on the Biscuit Creek Bridge at Frost Valley, Chris Lane proposed to Lindsay Chandler-Alexander. She said yes! This photo was taken not long after the moment. Lindsay thinks she was at FV summers from 1992 to 2001. Chris was there from '98 to '02. Lindsay says: "We met in the summer of 1999 which was my JC summer and his second summer at camp. We decided to start dating on July 15th under the Biscuit Creek Bridge and 9 and a half years later that is where Chris proposed to me! Frost valley means the world to us. It is where we met, fell in love, and now where we got engaged. We couldn't be happier!"

Another Frost Valley romance turns into marriage. How many have there been? I can think of a dozen without even trying.

Of course Lindsay is in a long-line of a Wawayanda/Frost Valley family - the Chandlers of Long Island. (I remember Dave Chandler and Cathy Chandler very well - from 40 years ago.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

take off your thirsty boots

Two photos taken during one of the CIT out-trips last summer. Photos by Kristen Williams, who notes: "our whole group at North-South Lake campground."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

winter paradise

A staff guy from last summer--Dave Seddon, Forest VC--came back to the valley from England and took this blissful pic at the entrance to camp.