Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2003 staff shirt in 2015

Last night at Tacoma/Lenape/Mac Boys Challenge Night one of the prizes was my 2003 staff shirt. I think of 2003 is just a few years ago, but the math tell me it was...yes...a dozen years back! I only wore the shirt a few times that summer so it is in good shape. Alex Mair, Lenape counselor, won it and here he is at lunch today, proudly donning the thing.

Alex won it because he succeeded in the "Frost Valley history and trivia" challenge. He won on the following question:

There are three named streams that come down the valley on the north side of the Neversink River and feed into the Neversink. Can you name two of them?

The three correct answers are: Biscuit Creek, High Falls Brook, and "Trickle Creek" or "Hemlock Brook." The latter is the stream that comes down the hill, splitting the villages, flows under the parking lot near cabins 21-25 and, when it's been rainy or when the snow is melting, flows through Big Tree Field.

Pigeon Brook is an incorrect answer. Pigeon flows into Biscuit, which in turn flows into the Neversink.