Monday, December 31, 2012


In the top photo, you see, at right, the old garage that in 1967 functioned as the Arts & Crafts Shop, now Hayden Lodge. In the middle you see the old Forstmann cow barn, later used by the camp as "the rec hall" - and, from 1976 on, Margetts Lodge. At barely visible at left: the Forstmann-era bullpen, then used (and still today is used) as the camp laundry. Middle photo: the Ad Office (administration office), the original Forstmann calf barn; you can see the Olympic Circle behind it. Bottom photo: at right, flyfishing shack (Forstmann's paymasters house), and to its left, Smith Lodge, the camp infirmary. Next to the left to Smith, you can barely see the archery range, and to the left of that is the garage/Crafts Shop that later became Hayden Lodge.

Lenape 1967

Cabin 18, Lenape village, 1967. At right is Sven Grotrian. The counselor, wearing a classic Wawayanda staff shirt (white with orange lettering and canoe insignia), is Jim Anisi.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ariana Juno ("Roo") Geller, our newest camper

Sue Geller has some good news to share:

Please help give a Wawayanda Welcome with lots of hoopla to baby Ariana Juno (aka "Roo") Geller who was born on Thursday December 6 at 11:34 pm , 7 lbs,19 1/2 inches.
I was in the delivery room with the birth mom and it was amazing!  Because of the legalities of interstate adoption, we have to stay in RI for the first ~10 days. Lucky for us we found a great place to "camp out", at Camp Fuller by the Sea, courtesy of Peter and Claudia Swain! I love that she left the hospital to go straight to camp !!

Friday, December 14, 2012

1989 cabin list - Tacoma, session 3

Here's a close-up of part of the cabin list for session 3, 1989. You see four cabins - 3 in Tacoma (cabins 41-45) and one Sacky cabin (they were in 46-50). Of the seven staff listed here, five are still involved with Frost Valley - are at least in touch with us. That's remarkable in itself. Note that Abby Kantrowitz (the director who typed up the list on a word processor didn't try to spell her last name!) is by herself in cabin 42; yes, there was a time when typically one cabin in each village was run solo by a counselor. I also want to point out that a number of the campers in these cabins that session were lifers and went on to become staff. Among those are Wendy Warren and Karin Turer. I'm sure late-80s/90s folks will see others.