Monday, November 30, 2015

Rick Cobb & Stan Treadway

Here are Rick Cobb (at right) and Stan Treadway chatting during the 2001 Wawayanda centennial reunion. Stan, by the way, was the very first person to climb over the Project Adventure wall back in the mid-1970s.

Monday, November 16, 2015

day off for internationals in 1981

July 1981. FV's program director invites any and all of the international counselors to come with him to the upstate New York farm where he lives during the nonsummer months as a college student. The destination is Lebanon, New York, some 7 miles uphill from Hamilton. There's a 90-acre farm there. The Program Director and 10 internationals, arriving in a camp van, set out sleeping bags and tents in a field. There's a huge barbecue hosted by Ray Sobel, the generous Long Island social studies teacher who owns the farm, rents to the program director, and loves meeting venturesome young people. During the afternoon after their arrival, the FV crew help Ray by stacking newly cut wood. Among the people here are Martin Graf (bicycle specialist from Switzerland [fooling around at center]) and Tom Franzkowiak (German ICCP from Dusseldorf who was the VC of Forest that summer [at right]).