Wednesday, August 19, 2015

a classic camp moment

One of the most amusing and camp-iest moments of the summer for me. I was driving out of the main part of camp in the early evening and saw Max and Alice returning from their day off, carrying a huge several-layer cake and a large pizza pie in a pizza box. These scrumptious non-camp luxury food items could not have been more obvious to all who saw them as they walked from the staff parking lot by the barn into camp. They told me they passed by many campers and staff (whole villages on the way to view the once-per-session rodeo performed by Mustang at the barn) and they all saw what the two carried and not one person even mentioned it. Eyes wide, and staring - but no comment at all! Is it implicit respect for those on a day off? Is it (somewhat like disconnecting from the internet) that at camp we don't really want such things as layer cake and pizza, or don't want to acknowledge what we can't have?