Monday, February 29, 2016

Bud Cox Trip Center update

The screen porch—for hanging around before and after the trip! With a view of Biscuit Creek.

The sink arrived just the day before I visited. This will be located in the large porch in the front of the building (not the screen porch above, but a large roofed porch on the opposite end. This will be where campers and counselors arrive, learn about their trip, help with packing—and where, on return, they will clean their equipment.

The Bud Cox Trip Center looking toward the north. The screen porch faces south, toward Biscuit Creek (and the Project Adventure field). Passing in front of the other end of the building is the walking path you used to walk from Hayden Lodge to Sequoia.

The main room inside. In the far corner an office will be closed in. This space will include Adventure archives, photos, maps, etc.

Storage upstairs. Already the Adventure/Tripping folks have moved some of their equipment here. The shed where for the last year the Trip Center was located is now going to be the Candle-making shop.

Stairs leading down from the loft storage area.
Yes! The dishwasher has arrived. Anyone who has ever run "Out-trip" at Frost Valley will know how fabulous it will be to have this new machine right there in the facility!

a CIT and his director

This weekend a number of alumni volunteered—helping to relieve the current staff and to run some training sessions. Among them was Heather Graf Noon. As Heather Graf she was a mainstay at Frost Valley in the 1990s. In 1997 she was the CIT Director and one of her CITs that summer was...Dan Weir, who is now our Director of Camping Services. I ran into the two of them in the Wellness Center on Saturday and took this photo.

Ilana Feitlowitz

This weekend while walking through the dining hall I heard someone call out, "Hey Al!" I turned and there was Ilana Feitlowitz. She had been a camper in the early 70s and by 1976 she was a CIT—I was her CIT Director that summer. Ilana told me that as a first-time camper she walked into her Sacky cabin and met her junior counselor, who turned out to sister Liane Filreis (now Liane Pancoast). I gave Ilana Liane's email address and they will be in touch after all these years. Here, below, is a photo of Ilana and her husband; they have been visiting camp regularly as weekend guests but now Ilana is also back in touch with her summer camp friends. I've added her to our email list and directed her to this blog.

Hird Lodge

Here is the venerable Hird Lodge—and, below that, the view this past weekend from the Hird Lodge porch.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

February view

cabin 38 is being rebuilt entirely from the inside

We are renovating cabins 35 through 40 currently, 31 through 34 having been done previously. In some cases, the renovation entails fixes and partial replacements of floors and walls. In the case of cabin 38, which really needed a complete rebuild, the floor, walls, structures etc. all had to be rebuilt with new materials. These photos are taken of cabin 38 on Saturday. All of these cabins will be finished by the summer—and some of them sooner. The photo at bottom shows the counselor's room.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bill & Eva Devlin to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer

I am thrilled to pass along the news that Bill & Eva Devlin will be inducted into the Frost Valley Hall of Fame this summer—in August, at the annual summer meeting of the Board. Here they are during their most recent visit to camp a few years ago, standing with our beloved Dottie Conklin.

Sue Moriarity sings

A few years ago, as hundreds of Frost Valley friends gathered to memorialize Halbe Brown, naturally as they waited for the several memorial events, they swapped stories, caught up and...sang. Here is Sue Moriarity, back on her guitar, tuning up that amazing voice, singing with Gail Piche (off camera to the left) and Lolly Hettler Cutler Ketcham.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sumner Dudley to be inducted into the Frost Valley Hall of Fame in August 2016

As has been noted in this blog over the years, our camp dates back to 1885 or 1886 or 1901, depending on how you work out the history. In 1886 Sumner Dudley took some children to camp along Lake Wawayanda in NJ and that's probably the best way to tell the story of the founding of the camp. Dudley's crew moved to New York State and eventually one group, including Dudley himself, moved to upstate New York, and that later became Camp Dudley. Another group moved back to Wawayanda and that camp eventually, in 1901, came to be called "Camp Wawayanda." So most people consider Dudley not just the founder of the first YMCA summer camp but also the founder of our camp.

This summer we will induct Sumner Dudley into the Frost Valley Hall of Fame and in doing so will honor our founding.

Click the image below and read an article about Dudley.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

the totem pole

Once again I'm here in this blog talking about the totem pole that used to stand at the main entrance to camp. Several times I've posted photos taken by various people on the occasion when the new pole John Giannotti carved was being raised up and put into place. Just today John was digging through old photos and found the best shot yet of the new pole. Here it is, top to bottom. It hadn't been in place very long when this was taken; you can tell, of course, by the grassless patch of dirt around the bottom.

Click on THIS LINK for a larger view.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Ricciardi Cabin

Do you remember Ricciardi Cabin? It was built at around the same time as Tom Ricciardi, Carl Hess and others constructed Hird Lodge and Turrell Lodge. It used the same materials. Ricciardi Cabin was smaller and was used over the years as a staff home. Among those who lived there: Carl and Marie Hess (while they waited for their home elsewhere on the property to be finished), Peter & Claudia Swain, Bob and Donna Marines. I myself lived there one summer - sharing the space with Peter and Claudia. Another summer I lived there during Family Camp with Ellen Rutan and Jim Ewen. I loved the little place, although by the end it was quite ramshackle. It was finally taken down to enable the building of Lakeview Lodge. It stood roughly at the spot that is now the back of the Lakeview Lodge parking lot, just below the road that leads out to Turrell Lodge. Here are some photos Donna Marines took. The fourth photo is of Donna and Bob in the old girls' camp kitchen (in what is now Geyer Hall).