Wednesday, March 23, 2011

snow again

It's snowing at Frost Valley again today. Oh goodness. I don't think the photo above was taken today but it was taken during this long and snowy winter.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pokey-Totem for the 90s

Karen Carnegie Johnson ("KC") has scanned and put up on Facebook a number of weekly village schedules for Pokey-Totem from the 90s. Above is one of them.

Pam McPhee (Pam Kerr) wins award

Pam McPhee at the University of New Hampshire has won an award. We knew her as Pam Kerr, long-time FV'er and member of a significant FV family. Brother Doug, who has been mentioned in this blog several times, also came of age at Frost Valley--and for a time lived (with Leslie Black and their son Jake Kerr) in the valley as a full-time maintenance department staff. Pam doubtless learned a great deal about outdoor education--"experiential education" as it is called in her field--from her FV years and we're thrilled that she is being acknowledged.

Mark Gottdenker writes: "She was my advisor briefly while I attended UNH. Our shared Frost Valley connection was always a great source of pride. She is a great example of someone taking many of the honorable traits we preach and work to instill in youth at camp and putting them into practice everyday in the world."