Friday, March 16, 2012

Wanda Cypert has died at 93

Wanda Cypert, a long (long!)-time Frost Valley staff person, and long-time neighbor, has died. Her husband Paul was our maintenance director in the early 1960s, and their daughter Sue spent several years living at FV and working as a year-long Environmental Education instructor (she is now a college administrator in upstate New York). Wanda retired some years ago and lived just down the road from FV.

Glenn Horton writes: "I have some sad news. Wanda Cypert passed away this past weekend (March 10th) at the age of 93. For those that did not know Wanda, she was a true fixture of Frost Valley with a smile and attitude that warmed hearts with every encounter. Wanda filled in where ever necessary. Between houskeeping, laundry in the summer, and/or food service, she was one of those people that found Frost Valley to be home and the staff as her family. I'm not sure how long she spent working at the Valley, but the Cypert name has roots there as far back as the 60's. I for one will miss her smile."

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

reunion hoopla

FV people never outgrow the best antics: hoopla.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

she visited once and never forgot

You'd think that most of the folks who find this blog and read it intensively are long-time "lifer" types, people whose lives are entwined with the place over years, decades even. But there are people who encountered the valley just once and will never forget it. One such person is Alyson, who visited Frost Valley for an "Indian Princesses" weekend (girls and their dads) back in the 1980s - as a 7 year old - and has thought about it always. Then she went searching on the 'net for FV and found us. So take a look at photos of a person whose life was memorably influenced by just one visit. Let's now go back to the early 80s.**

** (By the way, we know her visit was in the fall of 1983, 84 or 85, because we see her eating with her group in what is now Geyer Hall, the "old girls' dining hall," which was used while the new dining hall was being built in place of the original which had burned in the winter of 1982-83.)