Friday, July 25, 2014

The Tilles/Nathanson/Shapiro nexus

Peter Tilles was visiting today, picking up Olivia (a JC) and accompanied by Amanda. Amanda was a Pokey-Totem counselor last summer and has been at FV many summers. Dad Peter of course was also a camper and staffer going back to the 1970s - and his brother Danny was a camper in the late 60s and a CIT in '71. Amanda is working at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia this summer, but upon dropping off sister Olivia earlier this summer was smitten by the FV bug and now plans to come back for 4th session to work in Pokey-Totem.

There has always been a close connection between the Tilles family and the Nathanson family - and a little later the Shapiro family as well. So here in this photo you have the older generation of Tilles along with one younger-generation Nathanson (Sam) and one younger-generation Shapiro (Braxton Bohn). Braxton is Sandy's son. Braxton's uncle Danny was also a 1971 CIT (with me). And Peter Tilles' older brother (also Danny) was also a 1971 CIT. Sam's father Kenny was part of the mix and his uncle Mark ("Snake") lived with all of us in Hayden Lodge during the summer of 1971. So the connections circulate around and the whole thing somehow still coheres, 43 years later.