Friday, July 25, 2014

Checking out from session 2

Today we enjoyed a marvelous check-out for session 2. The weather was perfect. The session had gone so well that parents, as they reunited with their children, were full of amazement and joy and gratitude. The gratitude made asking them to help us raise funds to help bring children to camp whose families can't afford it very easy indeed. So many parents contributed. Among them Holly Hilton who is pictured below with daughter Linnea (Holly's son Andrew is a counselor in Forest). Although I hate the way I look in selfies (feels like I'm in a fishbowl) I relented because Lucy Lerman, a talented and funny and speedy* and charming Sacky camper, persuaded me. The third and last of today's photos is a rarity - Bud, who doesn't like standing for portraits, consented to pose with the Lakota and Sacky VCs, the two best-friend Hannahs.

* Lucy is one of the fastest Geronimo players I have ever seen.