Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mikia Eatman visits

This session I've been telling the villages, one at a time, a story called "Winky Tandler & the Maltese Bell." The last part of the story involves a then-young camper (7 years old) named Mikia Eatman. Even at 7 she spent three two-week sessions here, and after that always 8 weeks. She grew up here and became a counselor, village chief, and then assistant director. Yesterday she and her daughter Etta visited for the day - during the main day of Olympics. Crazy time to visit but they both fell right into the scene. As she and I walked around camp, campers came running up to her wanting to know about the Maltese Bell. She had a ready answer for them, which only augmented the mystery: "I'm really not at liberty to say anything about the bell, but thank you for asking!"

And Mikia's dear old camp friend Matt Buzcek happened to be visiting FV yesterday too, so they stood in the field recalling old times.