Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the graceful new counselor

Grace came up through the villages - from her start as a tiny red-headed little squirt in Pokey up through her deeply felt Windsong summer and last summer's stint as a CIT. And now she's a Junior Counselor in Mini-Mac, for the second half of the summer (sessions 3 and 4). Tonight during dinner I noticed that she was spending the entire time comforting one of her campers outside where it was quiet and he could better handle all the stimulation stirring up his worries. When I began my meal she was out there with him. When I ended my meal with a cup of (somewhat weak - ah, well) dining hall coffee, I noticed that she was still there. I love the patience that these young staff just know they should have or try to have after all their years of being on the receiving end of it. I'm proud of Grace, whom I've known since that first Pokey summer, for staying with it and now discovering the beauty and tribulation of being a good reliable counselor. Here's to Grace!