Monday, July 21, 2014


Other than two or three summers when we didn't hold Olympics at all (and that's another story - told elsewhere in this blog [search "Olympics"]), our elaborate Frost Valley Olympic Games have been held every year for nearly sixty years. By now it's been refined into one half day (Sunday afternoon and evening) and one full day (Monday all day for events, evening for ceremony). 2014 Olympics are going very well; the weather is cooperating and the teams are loud and spirited; the international counselors whose cultures and languages are represented by the teams are obviously thrilled to receive such crazy attention. The French counselor - Camille, affiliated with Windsong - is for instance a fairly shy person, but she has come completely out of her shell today - screaming her head off and proudly presenting her beloved French culture. The Armenian counselor is totally thrilled to have Armenia front and center (a rare thing in international politics, let's face it). Here are two videos. One was taken during the Opening Ceremony last night - the lighting of the torch. The other gives you a sense of two teams doing their cheers.