Friday, August 22, 2014

the last day

The last day. Oddly, I stood on the Castle porch, looking out toward Slide Mountain - it was utterly quiet - very early this morning. And then I remembered that I had made an audio recording of Hird's final hoopla yesterday after lunch. Eleven minutes of passionate crazy chanting and screaming. If staff get enthusiastic about hoopla all summer, this is always a day when they leave nothing on the field, as it were. One cheer after another. Real fans of hoopla - former staff reading this who are nostalgic of that daily moment - will I hope listen to the whole recording. It's 11 minutes long. Then try to imagine my decision to listen to the whole thing as a recording while I stood on looking out from the Castle at the silent Catskills vista. The two together are camp.

LINK to the audio recording of 2014's final hoopla.