Saturday, August 23, 2014

how can we be better?

I sat down with the young adults of STEP village and Pac on the last full day of camp and listened to their ideas for improving Frost Valley. Below is a list - an ample selection from among all their suggestions (which I carefully wrote down):

1. make the Castle bigger
2. more time with sister villages
3. activities with Tokyo camp
4. better acoustics in the dining hall<1>
5. bumpers in the showers so they don't overflow
6. a gym for campers
7. get rid of the geese
8. a boarding school for campers all year<2>
9. a special program for kids with physical disabilities
10. a diving board at the lake
11. swings inside the lodges
12. basketball nets of metal chain (so they last)
13. a pinball machine in every lodge
14. fireworks every Friday night at the lake
15. make the Castle a hotel<3>
16. golf carts
17. water heaters for the lake<4>
18. bacon
19. all cabins handicapped accessible
20. path from pavilion to the wellness center should be paved
21. more juices
22. softer mattresses<5>
23. bring back the water fountain by the laundry
24. an underground parking garage so we don't see any cars at camp<6>

My random notes:

<1> I'm totally on board with this one!
<2> We've talked about this - some version of this - for years, and it is still an active topic.
<3> It was exactly this, in the 1960s. During holdover weekends several times, my parents reserved a room for us. We stayed there Friday through Sunday, were served lunch and dinner, and could call for room service!
<4> In the '60s and '70s this was an ongoing serious-joke. On the first day of camp each session, when all campers took their "dock tests," we were told at flag raising that the water heaters had been working hard all night and that the lake water was warm. We'd dive in for our tests, feel the frigid water, and believe that it was at least warmer than it might be.
<5> Really? I would think harder mattresses would be in order!
<6> Wish it weren't so expensive a project! When the campers and counselors have to walk through a maze of parked cars by the dining hall as they come to meals, I get very sad.