Wednesday, August 20, 2014

say goodbye to Smith Lodge

Just a few days after summer camp ends, Smith Lodge, the old Forstmann-era herdsman's house and for decades our "infirmary" or "health center," will be demolished. And then we will build a gorgeous new staff lounge to be named after Eric Blum - The Blum Center. Earlier posts to this blog tell you about the Blum Center, and earlier this summer I included some photos of the plans. Smith Lodge in its current form is just not much for saving, alas. It's done its job, and then some. It's a wreck. The Blum Center will have the look and style of all our camp buildings, so in a few years the Smith/Blum transition won't seem headline news around here. But as I passed by old Smith on my bike this morning, on my way to breakfast, I felt the need to take one last photo of the place. Or two. Then I noticed that there was a huge hawk standing guard atop the chimney. Eerie and beautiful.

Link: Blum Center plans.