Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kate Westerbeck Lewis

Kate Westerbeck (as she and I reminisced on Friday) was for several years an Iscusfa camper (with her friend Molly Rauch) but at some point (or perhaps on and off through the summers) joined the progression of "regular" villages. I remember her as a camper from her first summer; I recall that she was so young in Iscusfa (the rest of the girls were older) that she was a kind of mascot there. Anyway, I also recall her clearly as an extraordinary Windsong camper. That was long ago. Now, as I've mentioned here in this blog, her daughter Olivia joined the FV family - with a session in Susky cabin 47. Here she is on check-out day, with her mom and dad and her counselors Fiona and Mariel.