Tuesday, August 19, 2014

interview (audio recording) of Bev Gross & three of her campers (Jody Davies Ketcham, Debbie Ketcham Goodeve, and Barbie Hale)

This interview took place in the Castle living room on Friday evening, August 15, 2014. The photo here was taken a few hours earlier on the Castle porch. From left to right: Jody Davies Ketcham, Carolyn Shelburne, Debbie Ketcham Goodeve, Billie Ketcham Heath, Bev Gross Sutton, and Barbie Hale. The interview was conducted with Bev Gross and three of her campers (they were actually campers in her cabin): Jody, Debbie, and Barbie. Billie joined the conversation too, and, although she wasn't assigned to Bev's cabin, came to knew her well.
HERE is a link to a 19-minute audio recording of the conversation. One topic was the impact and influence felt by the leaderly presence of Bev Gross during the early days of Girls' Camp at Frost Valley in the early 1960s. Another topic was Bev's close friendship with the late John Ketcham.