Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sumner Dudley to be inducted into the Frost Valley Hall of Fame in August 2016

As has been noted in this blog over the years, our camp dates back to 1885 or 1886 or 1901, depending on how you work out the history. In 1886 Sumner Dudley took some children to camp along Lake Wawayanda in NJ and that's probably the best way to tell the story of the founding of the camp. Dudley's crew moved to New York State and eventually one group, including Dudley himself, moved to upstate New York, and that later became Camp Dudley. Another group moved back to Wawayanda and that camp eventually, in 1901, came to be called "Camp Wawayanda." So most people consider Dudley not just the founder of the first YMCA summer camp but also the founder of our camp.

This summer we will induct Sumner Dudley into the Frost Valley Hall of Fame and in doing so will honor our founding.

Click the image below and read an article about Dudley.