Monday, February 29, 2016

Ilana Feitlowitz

This weekend while walking through the dining hall I heard someone call out, "Hey Al!" I turned and there was Ilana Feitlowitz. She had been a camper in the early 70s and by 1976 she was a CIT—I was her CIT Director that summer. Ilana told me that as a first-time camper she walked into her Sacky cabin and met her junior counselor, who turned out to sister Liane Filreis (now Liane Pancoast). I gave Ilana Liane's email address and they will be in touch after all these years. Here, below, is a photo of Ilana and her husband; they have been visiting camp regularly as weekend guests but now Ilana is also back in touch with her summer camp friends. I've added her to our email list and directed her to this blog.