Friday, February 5, 2016

Ricciardi Cabin

Do you remember Ricciardi Cabin? It was built at around the same time as Tom Ricciardi, Carl Hess and others constructed Hird Lodge and Turrell Lodge. It used the same materials. Ricciardi Cabin was smaller and was used over the years as a staff home. Among those who lived there: Carl and Marie Hess (while they waited for their home elsewhere on the property to be finished), Peter & Claudia Swain, Bob and Donna Marines. I myself lived there one summer - sharing the space with Peter and Claudia. Another summer I lived there during Family Camp with Ellen Rutan and Jim Ewen. I loved the little place, although by the end it was quite ramshackle. It was finally taken down to enable the building of Lakeview Lodge. It stood roughly at the spot that is now the back of the Lakeview Lodge parking lot, just below the road that leads out to Turrell Lodge. Here are some photos Donna Marines took. The fourth photo is of Donna and Bob in the old girls' camp kitchen (in what is now Geyer Hall).