Monday, February 29, 2016

Bud Cox Trip Center update

The screen porch—for hanging around before and after the trip! With a view of Biscuit Creek.

The sink arrived just the day before I visited. This will be located in the large porch in the front of the building (not the screen porch above, but a large roofed porch on the opposite end. This will be where campers and counselors arrive, learn about their trip, help with packing—and where, on return, they will clean their equipment.

The Bud Cox Trip Center looking toward the north. The screen porch faces south, toward Biscuit Creek (and the Project Adventure field). Passing in front of the other end of the building is the walking path you used to walk from Hayden Lodge to Sequoia.

The main room inside. In the far corner an office will be closed in. This space will include Adventure archives, photos, maps, etc.

Storage upstairs. Already the Adventure/Tripping folks have moved some of their equipment here. The shed where for the last year the Trip Center was located is now going to be the Candle-making shop.

Stairs leading down from the loft storage area.
Yes! The dishwasher has arrived. Anyone who has ever run "Out-trip" at Frost Valley will know how fabulous it will be to have this new machine right there in the facility!