Saturday, July 25, 2015

The CIT experience: hushed good sad stupor on the last day

The CIT experience came to an end for a group of special young people yesterday. Of course they are with us a month. For one two-week session they go out on their multi-night backpacking trip, and then, back in camp, go through a series of training sessions, help lead activities, etc. During the second two-week session they continue to train and then spend a number of days "in cabin," assigned to villages and working more or less like regular staff members.

I got up early yesterday - check-out day for session 2. Another perfect Catskills day. The temp dipped to the low 50s overnight, the dawn came and it shot into the 60s, on its way to the 70s. I came to the office before 7 to get some work done. At maybe 7:15 I heard some voices outside the window. This group of CITs had gathered, waiting for one of them to be picked up by parents for an early departure. The sun slanted perfectly on them. I came out and talked with them about their experience briefly - nothing deep - but I could tell they were in a state of intense hushed pre-nostalgia. They would always remember this 4-week experience, day by day. Somehow the photo captures that good sad stupor. The sun on them is almost a halo.