Monday, July 27, 2015

Bruce Comiskey, Totem VC 1975

A great photo (taken by Sandy Shapiro Bohn, then Sandy Shapiro) of Totem village chief Bruce Comiskey in 1975. Bruce was wonderful: kind, quiet but hilariously funny and witty, great with the little kids, a generous colleague. He met his wife Kathy Alexander at Frost Valley in '74 or '75; she was the Arts & Crafts Director. He owned (and had at camp) a 1952 "fluid-drive" semi-automatic Chevy sedan. It had a clutch but it was also somehow an automatic transmission. A real boat. I loved driving it, as I did several times on a day off. I haven't been in touch with Bruce in years, and miss him. Bruce, if you see this, get in touch!