Monday, June 16, 2014

UFO over the lake?

William B. was a Wawayanda camper from 1965-1969 - 5 summers. He was one of the first campers on Bud Cox's "Catskills Explorers" trips. Here's a memory that is vague but still haunts him:

My memory is that one very dark night I'm guessing in mid-August people started moving to the lake and there were lights hovering above and adjacent to the lake. They moved very rapidly several times back and forth in patterns and speeds that airplanes or helicopters could not physically do. We thought they were UFO's. In my memory the lights moved across the horizon as defined by the trees and the hills, as you stood facing the lake with your back towards the main building. Then at one point they were behind us. I googled news accounts of those summers in the late 60's or perhaps 1970 and there were numerous accounts of supposed UFO sightings in the New York region. I'm curious to know if others have talked about this experience. I recall quite a number of people gathering at the lake. If no one else has ever talked about that, I guess it was a dream. I also googled Bud Cox  and saw that he was referred to as UFO man -- I'm not sure if he was there at that time, or if that name had anything to do with this puzzling "memory".