Friday, June 27, 2014

staff training scenes

Our memories of staff training is that we spent a lot of time listening to our leaders and colleagues describe for us what great things are about to happen, itching more than a little to get out and just do it. But actually there is a lot of down time (or maybe it's better termed "up time") talking with old friends and getting to know the new folks. Here's an impromptu gathering of Outpost people from recent years.

The staff training overnight was a bust, because of the tremendous storm that hit us on Wednesday night. But was it a bust? I saw great things happening as people cooked out under shelter (see previous entry) and slept on floors in the various buildings, including one (Margetts Lodge) that sprung quite a leak. After all that, here's a scene of what remained the next day as folks got back to the business of prepping for the arrival of the children on Sunday.

And the talk sessions are pretty good, as it turns out. Here's Lincoln McLain talking about characteristics of our various selves.

Session 1 will bring with it a two-week visit of Dr. Rick Kaskel, who would normally do a week as our dialysis doc. The physician he'd arranged to be on hand for one of the the weeks of first session couldn't make it in the end, so Rick is covering the whole session (voluntarily, I should add). A bonus for me since I'll have lots of time to hang out with Rick, whom I see often as a fellow Trustee but not in this particularly fabulous setting. I'll induce him to judge a Challenge Night or two. Rick has an extra incentive to join us for the session, as his daughter Erica, herself a FV lifer, is back this summer working full-time in the development department. Sandy Bohn, another longtime volunteer, arrived last night. Her son Braxton is a Lenape counselor this summer.