Saturday, June 21, 2014

found comfort in the absolute magnificent stars

Jeff Daly has been visiting camp during the first part of staff training and writes the following:

Many nights up at camp I found comfort in the absolute magnificent stars that lit up the sky. I remember vividly laying out under the stars for the first time at camp (way back in 1988) and how mesmerized I was by this site. There's just something so awesome about a clear, crisp starry night at camp in the mountains. After catching up with friends, I strolled through camp this evening, admiring these same stars and bumped into a group of camp staff. I can't tell you how great it is to know camp is in good hands with so many positive role models, many of whom I had the pleasure of watching them develop years ago as campers and/or staff. In a matter of days this place will be filled with kids who will have their own opportunity to discover the magic of camp and maybe gaze out under those same stars. It's no surprise, but I'll say it again: I Love Camp.