Sunday, June 29, 2014

...aaaand we have a SUNNY check-in for session 1

Yes, finally, a sunny check-in. It was marvelous. As of this writing there are only TWO pieces of missing luggage - surely a record. Jess Gonzalez showed up and will stay a few days. Here she is with Shelle Edge (who is our media specialist in the Marketing department this summer).

And check out these happy hungry dessert eaters from Totem tonight: at left is Jon Turer's son Henry, and next to him (in the middle) is Matty Tucker, son of Josh Tucker and Ellie Gordon. Jon, Josh and Ellie were of course campers and counselors here in their time. Josh and Ellie met during Josh's final summer here, and told me today that he was glad he did something really odd and counterintuitive at the end of his first year of graduate school - told his academic advisor that he'd really like to spend one more summer at camp. That the advisor said okay is amazing - and the rest is history - and a family! I first met Josh when he was ten years old, a Forest camper, and I was his camp director. And now he and Ellie have both their kids here - Matty in this photo, and Sasha too (in Susky).

And here we are, smiling and swapping Frost Valley stories after the kids were settled in their cabins.

And then, wouldn't you know it, in walks John (Lance) Zabriskie. His son Zach will be here for two weeks and already Zach seems completely at home. Lance is doing woodworking near Woodstock and apparently has many clients in NYC. It was great to see him. When I was camp director in the mid-80s, "John" was one of my favorite counselors.

The grandchildren of Tatsuo and Emiko Honma are here again. Kazumi is a talented JC in Lakota this summer, and Keiko is in Pac, the oldest boys village. Their mom is Kyoko, who was my camper in 1979! (Am I old or what?) The Honmas have a new book coming out soon - Tatsu's memoirs of his many years' work in the Y movement.

And then, as if all these reunions were not enough, in walks Fabrizio Spademan. I only had a minute to chat with him but I'm hoping we can persuade him to take a few days off from work and volunteer a bit.

It was quite a good first day of camp. Both Opening Campfires were spirited and fun and at the same time respectful - and not too long! Tomorrow for me: many hours of "Geronimo," a first-full-day staple.