Wednesday, July 20, 2016

lunch at Farm Camp

I went over to the Farm Camp in the East Valley (the valley through which the East Branch of the Neversink River flows, where of course we have our Farm Camp and the equestrian camp for girls called "EVR" or "East Valley Ranch"). The Farm people and I played a wonderful game of Geronimo in the sun (brilliant day here in the Catskills today—maybe 70 degrees and sunny and a slight breeze) and then I joined them for lunch. Wow, the food at Farm Camp is amazing. Several inventive and dedicated chefs cooking for maybe about 65 people and having available all kinds of veggies from the garden and meat from (well...) the barn. Today it was pizza. Fairly standard camp-food fare, yes? Well, they added lots of herbs (scallions, Italian parsley, oregano) from the garden and some fresh chicken for the optional BBQ Chicken pizza. And of course there's a salad bar too, of which I happily partook. See various photos below. The second photo shows tomorrow's dessert: vanilla sheet cake sans icing and suffused with freshly picked raspberries! Oh the raspberries right about now! Yum.