Tuesday, June 9, 2015

opening of The Blum House

Dan Weir was one of those who spoke at the brief dedication before the ribbon-cutting. Jerry Huncosky talked about Eric's selflessness and his devotion to staffs' well being. Eric's siblings and mom, June, also spoke. Then the ribbon cutting and in the Blum House we went for a lunch.

Inside there's a display of some of Eric's Frost Valley shirts and buttons and photos.

After the lunch, some folks went for hikes and otherwise enjoyed the perfect June mountain weather. Several of Eric's closest buddies from the '90s decided it would be most apt if they went out to buy the best steaks one could locate in the Catskills. They returned and inaugurated the beautiful grill set up just off the back door of the House. Sirloin finger food!

Kate Landis Loewengart, a FV lifer, return with her husband two children. Kate is (to say the least) excited that her kids enjoyed themselves at camp and she's hoping that Julia (shown here with brother George) might want to spend a session at camp in a year or two. When that happens, we want Kate to volunteer! Come back, Kate!

Game room in The Blum House. You don't suppose when the summer really gets going that the pool table and foosball table will get a bit of use? On opening night, a bunch of folks indeed used both - happily.

Steve and Mark grilling the way Eric taught 'em.

By 9 PM the staff who are at camp early for training showed up - curious about their new staff lounge. Very soon they were gathering around June Blum, Eric's mom, who told them stories about Eric and urged them to take care of themselves this summer and use the Blum House for R&R.

CIT Coordinators studying up for the next day's training. The bean bag chairs in the TV room seemed to help them absorb the material.

A wider view of the TV room.