Thursday, June 25, 2015

last night - staff training overnights

Yes, staff training overnights. For the most part, brother and sister villages went to a site together. Not just a good time for learning about the trails, the sites, the procedures for overnight camping (including setting up tarps, cooking dinner over a fire, etc.) but also ideas about how much fun can be had away from camp on the hills surrounding the valley and along the streams that feed it. With a few of the directors I hiked up to Banks Hill, where (at "Lower" Banks) we found Lakota and Outpost and (at "Upper" Banks - or the original Banks Hill site) Pokey-Totem.

Saw this wild foxglove on the way up the trail to Banks Hill.
Mimi and Nanase (Lakota staff) share a pita pizza cooked over the fire. The crust was soooo crispy.
Director and his former camper take a few moments to remember the latter's growing up here.
Later...on this beautiful cool valley night