Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Girls' Camp creates their own Catskill Explorers group

Margaret Kremer McLaughlin—a member of the legendary Kremer family, all Frost Valley campers or staff at one time or another—recently sent me this photograph, along with this fabulous explanation:

"Here's one from girls camp-- I don't know if you recall the genesis of the first "out trippers" from girls camp. It so happened that  the boys had out-tripping opportunities, but the girls did not. Being good products of the time, some of us protested and ended up founding the Catskill explorers group. We had tents constructed behind the old girls' CIT cabin (I forget its name)  and this is a picture of our first out tripping group. We did regular backpacking trips as well as Delaware canoe trips. Unfortunately, while I recognize the faces of the campers in the photo I have terrible name recall, including that of my co-counselor. I know later on Starr was a co-counselor. The dogs are Kremer dogs - Cleo and MacGregor. One would lead the girls, the other would bring up the rear making sure no-one got lost.  As a counselor I found that the campers who might have acted up a bit while in camp were always great out on the trail.  I was particularity fond of those who put on their makeup the day we were due for pickup - even though they hadn't seen a bath in days.  Bud should recall some of this as well."

I do know two of the campers: in the first row, at right, are the Schein twins: Wendy and Sue.

If anyone reading this knows of others in the photo, please let me know.

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