Thursday, August 18, 2016

the last day, summer 2016 out

For the final breakfast grace of 2016, Morgan called up anyone who is wearing a Hawaiian shirt to lead. Of course it turned out that most such folks were from Adventure Village, a Hawaiian-shirt-wearing crew if ever there was one.

Meantime, a few minutes earlier, the Hird VCs and directors gathered for their final flag-raising-time morning meeting....
While back in the dining hall, Misty from Windsong was proudly donning her new "vintage" staff shirt, which she won at Challenge Night last night. Most objective observers would agree that this augers well for the future of the staff. And now onward into that future.... (Leadership is young here and they perform amazing feats of adult patience and citizenship, far beyond their years. Come here and see it for yourself. It will give you heart and hope.