Friday, June 24, 2016

up the west side of High Falls Brook

I have to admit: in all my years of hiking around I have not spent much time on the trail that runs along the west side of High Falls Brook. For one thing, in my early years at FV that was not our property; it belonged to the Connell family and the two cottages at the bottom of the hill there along the road were not accessible to FV people. Nor was the trail that starts steeply up the hill between the two cottages. If you hike up that trail about 1/2 mile, you'll see, to the left of the trail, a camp site that summer camp people have called "Moonshadow" for the past 10 or 15 years. It's a nice spot. Walk up further along the trail above Moonshadow and now you're on a real trail, which winds a hundred feet or so toward the east so that after a while you're can hear High Falls Brook to your right.

Anyway, I took a very early hike (before 6 AM) a few mornings ago and went up the trail about 2 miles. At point I noticed the remnant of what must have been a shack or even a small house. Among the remnants - mostly rusted metal, which I assume was the roof - I saw a sink or tub. I'll ask around about what this structure was, but the presence of the sink or tub certainly suggests that it was a usable hut, maybe even a small residence at some point?

Anyone know about this?

Foxgloves along the trail near Moonshadow