Friday, September 11, 2015

summer of '83

Summer of 1983. This was perhaps the opening song at the end-of-staff-training banquet. Five people lead us in a song: from left to right - David Sunshine, Stuart Duff, Glenn Horton, John Giannotti, and Mike Ketcham. This was the first of three summers (1983, '84, '85) when we all ate in what had been known as the "Girls' Dining Hall." (Now Geyer Hall.) It was also the first summer of "The Hird" as such - the camp for teens (older campers, both boys and girls), our first summer as a camp organized by age rather than gender. Ketcham was the Director of Camping (a new position). I was the Hird director and slightly rewrote the words to a traditional song, emphasizing "The Hird." Giannotti drew the large poster with the words and during that summer we sang that song almost every day after lunch.

Seated at left (side view) is Bill Abbott. At right (back of head) is British international counselor, Heidi Wilson.