Thursday, February 26, 2015

1973 behind the old dining hall

From left: Al Filreis, Peggy Hope, Marie Hess and Doug Tompkins. That summer I was the "third cook" in the Boys' Dining Hall (working for Food Service Director Everett Lake). Peggy was "second cook" and "dessert chef." Doug was the LIT Director (LITs worked in the kitchen for two weeks and spent two weeks living in cabins). Marie Hess worked all summer with Everett in the Boys' Dining Hall (that summer Marie Kremer was head cook in the Girls' Dining Hall) and then in the evenings cooked in and ran the Staff Lounge in Pigeon Lodge. This photos was taken behind the old Boys' Dining Hall in the mid-afternoon - after all the lunch mess was cleared and in the brief lull before it was time to get back to work for dinner. That's Marie's ubiquitous Jeep Wagon. Doug was the original photobomber - never took a serious photo in his life, for sure.