Tuesday, January 13, 2015

yakball during Family Camp

"Yakball" squad during Family Camp, in the late 1970s (probably 1977 or 1978). At far right is long-time friend and supporter of Frost Valley—and probably the longest-standing participant in Family Camp who continues to spend that week in the valley each year—Paul Schnauffer.

We invented Yakball, a cross between street hockey and water polo. We floated street hockey goals in rowboats at either end of the water "court." Players got in those little orange plastic kayaks ("playaks" was their official name). They could use their paddles or their hands to move the ball (a volleyball) forward toward the goal.

Yakball for a few years was an Olympic sport during session 2's Olympics, but then, during Family Camp, it got very intense—and quite a rivalry among families was formed. The staff got into it too.

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